Thursday, September 27, 2007

Tony really is a half-wit!

My esteemed (ah-hem!) colleague Tony Cornetta who felt it neccessary to take shots at me and my co-host apparently hasn't heard of the phrase, "those who live in glass houses, shouldn't throw stones."

Given the list of this year's candidates for the NL MVP award, his suggestion that Hanley Ramirez is in the top 2 is laughable at best! He has NO shot to win it!

I would give the Matt Holliday argument some creedence if he didn't play 81 games in the Mile High City of Denver. Check out the numbers:

Holliday (overall) .338 36 HR 132 RBI
(home) .374 25 HR 77 RBI
(away) .301 11 HR 55 RBI

As a team, the numbers are similar for the Rockies:
(overall) .278 165 HR 788 RBI
(home) .298 100 HR 435 RBI
(away) .260 65 HR 353 RBI

They can talk about keeping the baseballs in humidors to negate the thin air, but the numbers speak for themselves. The stats of Rockies players need to be examined closely when considering them for postseason awards. Apparently, Tony didn't take the time to do that.

Now I ask you, who's the moron?

Prince Fielder is your NL MVP.

Win 4-Pack of Brown/URI Tix

Brown football coach Phil Estes is now in his 10th season coaching the Bears. In his first 9 seasons, he has had 3 players win Ivy League Player of the Year honors. Name 2 of the 3 players who won that award.

The first two people to call 437-5000 and correctly answer this question will win a 4-pack of tickets to Saturday's Brown/URI football game at Brown Stadium where the Governor's Cup will be on the line.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Welcome to the blog! A few years ago when we wrote a weekly column on our website, I published my NFL Top 15 each week. Now that we're blogging on the website, I have decided to resurrect it. So here we go! Here's you first NFL Top 15 according to yours truly. Enjoy!

1. NEW ENGLAND (3-0) We knew that the Pats' offseason additions were good, but did anyone think that they would have this big of an impact right away? The "old" Randy Moss is back! Wes Welker is a great slot receiver and punt returner and Adalius Thomas is a MAN on defense. It's all good right now!

2. INDIANAPOLIS (3-0) The defending champs look good thanks in large part to Joseph Addai who looks great! Yes, they got a scare from Tennessee in week 2 but the Titans played them tough twice last year. Circle November 4th on your calendar when the Colts host the Pats.

3. DALLAS (3-0) While your at it, circle October 14th on your calendar as well because that is when the Cowboys host the Patriots. My co-host thinks that Pittsburgh should be ranked ahead of Dallas in these rankings. I say, "no way!" What the Cowboys' offense did to a great Bears defense Sunday night said alot to me about this team.

4. PITTSBURGH (3-0) I've always said that you never want to be the guy that succeeds "the man." You want to be the guy that succeeds the man that succeeded "the man." No problem so far for Mike Tomlin.
Bill Cowher left some pretty big shoes to fill and the new Steelers coach is having no problem filling them.

5. GREEN BAY (3-0) I must admit that I'm still slightly skeptical of this undefeated team. Still, give Brett Favre his due. He tied Dan Marino with his 420th career TD pass Sunday and is playing well. And it's
not like they've beaten Oakland, Cleveland and Atlanta. They defeated Philly, the Giants and San Diego.

6. TENNESSEE (2-1) Monday night thrashing of the Saints shows that nthis team is for real. In fact, (2-1) could easily be (3-0) as they had a chance to beat the Colts in week2.

7. SEATTLE (2-1) It's not east separating the rest of these (2-1) teams but I think that the Seahawks may be the best of this group. 100 yards for Alexander Sunday and a TD catch for our old friend Deion Branch.

8. BALTIMORE (2-1) They held on to beat the Cardinals Sunday. The question with this team (like the Bears) will always be, do they have the offense to support their defense? We'll see.

9. TAMPA BAY (2-1) I definitely don't think that the Bucs are a top 7 team in the NFL but they're playing like one right now. They've scored 61 points thru 3 games and given up only 37. And Cadillac Williams would like
to know where this guy Earnest Graham came from?

10. JACKSONVILLE (2-1) I couldn't put this team behind the Broncos beacuse they won AT Denver Sunday. I still worry about their offense which is averaging 15 points per game.

11. HOUSTON (2-1) Even without Andre Johnson they still played the Colts tough. Maybe this will be the year that the Texans make it to the postseason for the first time in franchise history.

12. WASHINGTON (2-1) The Skins lost some of that momentum by handing the Giants their first win of the season in Washington. I'm still not sure if Jason Campbell is going to be a great QB or just a good one.

13. CAROLINA (2-1) Like alot of these (2-1) teams, I'm not overly impressed with the Panthers. But I did pick them to be an NFC Wild Card team before the season so I'm hoping that they prove me right.

14. SAN FRANCISCO (2-1) They ran into a buzzsaw Sunday in Pittsburgh. Still, the Niners might have enough to challenge Seattle in the Mild, Mild West.

15. DETROIT (2-1) So much for the feel good start to the season. After going (2-0), the Lions get hammered by the Eagles whose retro uniforms looked like UCLA's practice jerseys. This team definitely does have the
weapons on offense.

15. CINCINNATI (1-2) Tied for the 15th spot because they do have a potent offense. Now Marvin Lewis has to figure out a way for his defense to stop opposing teams. Hopefully he doesn't figure it out this

MISSED THE CUT: Chicago, Philadelphia, San Diego, NY Jets
An impressive list of also-rans. Most of these teams were not only in the preseason Top 15, but near the top of it! There's still time for many of them to get right back into the thick of things.

BOTTOM FEEDERS: Miami (and I'm lovin' every minute of it!), Atlanta, St. Louis, Buffalo. All are (0-3). If you're a fan of anyone of these teams I have a few words of advice for you: "Wait till next year!"