Sunday, July 13, 2008

Back On The Air

Many of you may have already heard by now that I will be returning to the airwaves (99.7FM - no less) very soon. Starting this Saturday - July 19th, I will be hosting a sports show on WPRO (AM 630 & 99.7 FM) from 9-11:45am each week. It's being called "Scott Cordischi On Sports," and will essentially be the same as the "Sportsbeat." Just me and you talking sports except for the fact that this will be a weekly show instead of a daily program.

As many of you know, I have missed talking sports on the airwaves for the past few months and, for that reason, I am really looking forward to my return. What's good about the once per week show is that we should have no shortage of material to discuss each Saturday morning. As always, I look forward to taking your phone calls and e-mails (tune in for the phone #'s and e-mail address). I hope that, in some small way, many of you are looking forward to my return as well. Not necessarily from the standpoint that I am returning but, rather, a local sports show for Rhode Islanders in particular.

Naturally we'll talk about the Red Sox, Yankees, Patriots, Celtics, etc. But, when something important happens with our in-state teams, we'll talk about them as well. In fact, I won't know where to begin on Saturday as I have alot of info on the PC coaching search to discuss. I'd love to give my quick 2 cents on the Celtics 17th world championship before we get into the Red Sox, Brett Favre or anything else. But I'll let you guys steer the show where it needs to go. If there's something in sports that you want to talk about, I welcome your call Saturday mornings.

It's kind of strange how things come full circle so-to-speak. In February of 1994 I was hired by WPRO where I did the "Sportsbeat" until October of 1997 when The Score was created. And now I'm back on WPRO again.

I'll be real curious to find out how many of the old "regulars" of the Score catch on to the fact that I'll be on the air Saturday mornings on WPRO. For instance, will Steve from Fall River call to irritate all of Southern New England with his outlandish points of view? What about Craig from Warwick and his 3rd place Yankees? Surely DP will have something to say about his Dolphins come September. Danny in Quincy will call to talk about the Sox. Joe the Milk Man, Mike from Connecticut our #1 Celts fan........I could go on and on and on. I miss hearing from those guys. Hopefully, they'll be back on the Providence airwaves with me.

Because this is only a part time gig, I am still am searching for a full time job which isn't easy in this economy. Along those lines, many thanks to everyone of you who has reached out to me with your kind words of support. I have tried to respond to every call and e-mail that I have received. Your support has meant ALOT to me during these past few months.