Sunday, July 13, 2008

Back On The Air

Many of you may have already heard by now that I will be returning to the airwaves (99.7FM - no less) very soon. Starting this Saturday - July 19th, I will be hosting a sports show on WPRO (AM 630 & 99.7 FM) from 9-11:45am each week. It's being called "Scott Cordischi On Sports," and will essentially be the same as the "Sportsbeat." Just me and you talking sports except for the fact that this will be a weekly show instead of a daily program.

As many of you know, I have missed talking sports on the airwaves for the past few months and, for that reason, I am really looking forward to my return. What's good about the once per week show is that we should have no shortage of material to discuss each Saturday morning. As always, I look forward to taking your phone calls and e-mails (tune in for the phone #'s and e-mail address). I hope that, in some small way, many of you are looking forward to my return as well. Not necessarily from the standpoint that I am returning but, rather, a local sports show for Rhode Islanders in particular.

Naturally we'll talk about the Red Sox, Yankees, Patriots, Celtics, etc. But, when something important happens with our in-state teams, we'll talk about them as well. In fact, I won't know where to begin on Saturday as I have alot of info on the PC coaching search to discuss. I'd love to give my quick 2 cents on the Celtics 17th world championship before we get into the Red Sox, Brett Favre or anything else. But I'll let you guys steer the show where it needs to go. If there's something in sports that you want to talk about, I welcome your call Saturday mornings.

It's kind of strange how things come full circle so-to-speak. In February of 1994 I was hired by WPRO where I did the "Sportsbeat" until October of 1997 when The Score was created. And now I'm back on WPRO again.

I'll be real curious to find out how many of the old "regulars" of the Score catch on to the fact that I'll be on the air Saturday mornings on WPRO. For instance, will Steve from Fall River call to irritate all of Southern New England with his outlandish points of view? What about Craig from Warwick and his 3rd place Yankees? Surely DP will have something to say about his Dolphins come September. Danny in Quincy will call to talk about the Sox. Joe the Milk Man, Mike from Connecticut our #1 Celts fan........I could go on and on and on. I miss hearing from those guys. Hopefully, they'll be back on the Providence airwaves with me.

Because this is only a part time gig, I am still am searching for a full time job which isn't easy in this economy. Along those lines, many thanks to everyone of you who has reached out to me with your kind words of support. I have tried to respond to every call and e-mail that I have received. Your support has meant ALOT to me during these past few months.




Ed said...

Welcome back Scott. It's great to have some local sports back on the air. Any hey, how about that Wimbledon final? Well deserved cover of SI. You've been missed and hopefully this is just the beginning of getting local sports talk back on the air full time

pimpdaddy said...

I've been on a New England sports radio hiatus. Only listening to sports radio in North Carolina, New York, and ESPN sports radio. I refuse to listen to the garbage up in Boston. I don't wholly blame Boston sports radio for the demise of the SCORE, because I feel that senior management at the SCORE and at Citadel royally screwed this thing up for local sports radio in RI. But EEI does have their fair share of blame.
Now with that said I will once again tune into New England sports radio on Saturdays from 9-11:45am listening to you on 99.7 again! This week, when I read that Billy Parcker was not "coming back" to do CBS college basketball, I thought to myslef, "my week cannot possibly get any better", but then I read on this Blog that you are back on the air in RI (if only weekly, but that's ok), and then with a tear in my eye I said to my wife this is the best news I've gotten all week. Yes better than Packer getting fired eerrr leaving CBS!
Scott, not only will I be listening, but my son (who grew up with the SCORE) will be listening also. We'll be listening to hear your opinion with regard to the latest happenings in sports since we last heard your voice on the airways and I'll be calling in to give you mine opinion. On that most momentous day, July 19th 2008 9am to 11:45am.
Talk to you then,

Shawn aka Pimpdaddy

scott cordischi said...

Ed & Shawn (aka Pimp Daddy):

Great to hear from both of you! And thanks for the kind words and your support.

Ed, you're right about the Wimbledon final. That was one of the best matches of all-time!

Pimp Daddy, I'm thrilled to be back on the air even if it is just once a week. I can't wait to hear from you and all of the Score "regulars." I trust that you and the family are well. My wife just had an emergency appendectomy Monday night but is starting to feel better and Jack and Ellie are great!

Talk to you Saturday!


Silas said...

Hey Scott. I have to admit for some strange reason I've totally tuned out to the other sports shows that I would listen to in between your show. There really is a huge whole without a local program for us fans to get the scoop. Glad to see that you are back on the air. What I think you have going for you is that there is truely a need for a local sports show especially here in New England. You should explore doing a show via the internet. Maybe you could pull a modest salary from sponsors for your show. It may be worth exploring. If you want to brainstorm some ideas you can reach me thru my website All the Best!

sweetfly said...

I agree with pimpdaddy about " that garbage up in boston " . WEEI has become unlistenable . The mornings are filled with right wing political crap and the drive home ( big show ) has two outstanding characteristics that make it suck ... one , they constantly talk over eachother making it impossible to understand what anyone is saying ... two , they always get sidetracked into talking about the industry they work in ... the perks , the people , the rivalries ... its boring .... In addition to my pet peaves , I blame WEEI for the demise of the Score . I have not listened to more than a few minutes of WEEI since the Score went off the air .
It was really cool to have Scott Cordischi back on the air . I stumbled upon the article in the Journal about his new show . I made it a point to tune in for as long as I could . Welcome back Scott hopefully you can expand your Saturday show .
Finally , at the risk of sounding petty and provincial ... screw you WEEI

scott cordischi said...

Hurricane Shane & Sweet Fly:

Thanks for the posts. I really do appreciate your support. It is amazing how many people like yourself have either blogged, called, e-mailed or just bumped into me on the street to say how much they miss the show and the Score. The sad thing is, if everyone who claimed to have listened to the Score actually put it down in the Arbitron ratings, we'd still be on the air! Our ratings were up and down but fair, at best. It had alot to do with our demise.

I still believe that if Arbitron had people meters like Neilson does where they actually attach something to your radio to monitor what your listening to, that the Score's ratings would have been higher. One of our problems was that we did not brand ourselves well enough like WEEI and we could not compete with their budget for guests which made it difficult.

Anyway, I'm thrilled to be back on the aire and have talked to alot of great listeners in RI and SE Mass the past 2 weeks including alot of old Score regulars. I hope to hear from you guys as well.

Thanks again!


Bedrock said...

As a former resident of Attleboro, I was shocked to return to the area and find the score gone. You and Brian were the only good things on the station. I really enjoyed listening to you guys on the drive home. I'm now stuck listening to the idiot Gresh on ESPN radio. (can't get far enough away from him). You need to move out west and help give the San Fransisco bay area some intelligent sports talk. Good luck and hang in there.

Soc said...

Great news to hear that you are back.......but what about golf and I know you love the game. Many of us are on the 5th hole by the time you're live Saturdays.

Hopefully WPro will get smart and return to a 5 day format. After all we will need our Monday morning quarterbacking fill.

The Boston guys just never did fill the void you left behind and I'm sure you're excited to get back but they should pay you double for forcing you to miss the Celt's championship.

I'll be listening when it rains or snows or I give up golf.

Good luck Scott.........

Fioravanti said...

Welcome back Scott!