Friday, June 13, 2008

It's Been A While

Sorry to take so long to update the blog. Let's just say that I have even more of an appreciation for what my wife and all stay at home parents do for a living. Now that's work!

I have received a ton of e-mails from faithful Score listeners and have responded to every one of them. I can't thank you all enough for your kind words and support. While it hasn't resulted in a new job, it has meant an awful lot to me. It really makes me feel good about what I did for a living and all of the great people like yourselves who listened to the Score.

Unfortunately, nothing to report on the job front. I applied for but did not get a job for the Brown University Sports Foundation. It was an event coordinator's position which I lacked experience for. Not that I think that it would have been difficult to learn, but I respect their decision to hire someone with experience in that area.

I was targeting another possible opening with the BUSF which I believe that I would have been the perfect candidate for. However, I was told that the salary was much lower than they had hoped to appropriate for the position and I need to earn a certain minimum figure to pay the monthly mortgage and the bills if my wife is to continue to stay at home with our two young children Jack and Ellie as we both hope that she can do.

So the job search continues. And while I said jokingly, "anyone know where I can get a job?" in one of my previous blogs, I will seriously say that if anyone knows of any job openings that might be of interest to me, please don't hesitate to contact me.

A bunch of our Miami trip regulars are working on our own trip to see the Pats down in Miami this year. However, I may have to pass on this year's trip unless I find a job sometime soon. I will say that I have developed real good friendships with alot of people who went on that trip and we may have a group of 25-30 peopl go down together this year or in future seasons.

Boy do I wish I were on the air right now to talk about the Celtics. Last night's comeback in game 4 was unbelievable! When I turned it on in the 1st quarter and they were down by 20 I was so disappointed that I contemplated going to bed at halftime. I did go upstairs into my bedroom at halftime where my wife was watching something else on TV. When her show ended at 11pm, I turned back to the game in the 3rd and they were down by 12. I figured I'd stay with it for a while. I'm glad I did! That effort was as good as it gets!

Paul Pierce's defense on Koby Bryant was fantastic! His offense has been great! Ray Allen played 48 minutes of superb basketball and how about Eddie House and James Posey? I haven't even mentioned Mr. Double-Double himself KG. Wow! What an effort!

Pierce, in particular, deserves a ton of praise. He has had his many detractors amongst Celtics fans. Even his worst critics have to give him his due now. He has TOTALLY outplayed Kobe Bryant on both ends of the floor.

From a coaching standpoint, Tom Thibideau's defensive coaching has been outstanding! These guys have all bought into it 100%. I think that KG's effort on the defensive end is contageous and it has rubbed off on everyone else.

But how about giving Doc Rivers his due? We all had questions about how good of a coach he is. He has proved alot to me this postseason and, particularly, last night. The day before game 4 he bounced the idea of playing a smaller line-up with 5 good offensive players and shooters meaning guys like Perkins and Rondo would ride the pine. His thought behind it was that Kobe, in particular, would be able to sag off of a good shooter like he does off of Rondo to help defend. Doc thinks that Bryant is the best help defender in the league. Rivers said the reaction he received from his fellow coaches was split but that he decided to do it in game 4 anyway. Man, did it ever work out great! All the way down to the end when they spread the floor for Ray Allen to take it to the rim for the essential game-clincher.

They still have to win one more to raise banner #17 to the Garden rafters, but even without it, what a turnaround season this has been for this franchise. I only wish I could go on the air with Gresh when the Finals are over to see if maybe now he can give Danny Ainge even an ounce of credit.

What Ainge did when he took over was the right thing to do. He needed to break it down to build it up again. Did the turnaround happen as quickly as we wanted it to? No. Did he get a bit lucky by not winning the lottery and the right to draft Oden? Yes. But the fact remains that he did a great job in the draft stockpiling great young players and he used them as chips to make the neccessary trades to put this team together. And let's not forget about guys like Posey and House who have helped off the bench. Hell, even though he gave up a ton of young players to get Ray Allen and KG, he still held on to Rondo and more of his draft picks (Powe and Big Baby) have also made huge contributions to this season. Danny Ainge has done a fantastic job despite what Gresh might think.

As for the Sox and Yankees. To me it's simple. They've both had to deal with their share of injuries to key players. But Boston's young arms (Lester, Bucholz, Masterson) have totally outperformed the Yankees young arms (Hughes, Kennedy, Chamberlin). The Yankees aren't dead by any means, but they are going to need an infusion of good, young talent soon.

I'm pumped that my Syracuse Orange won their 10th National Championship in lacrosse.

I'm saddened by the passing of NBC's Tim Russert. A great political reporter who seemed like one hell of a nice person. That's the way he came across the air to me anyway. I wish more TV and radio broadcasters could be like him. Too many broadcasters have huge egos and think that their you know what doesn't stink! Russert was just a genuine, nice guy.

That's all for now. Again, if you would like to contact me, feel free to send me an e-mail to: I would love to hear from you!


Scott Cordischi


Ed said...

Good to hear from you again Scott. Local sports talk is definitely missed in these parts. Certainly you're too good to be without a job for long. We had a great French Open and now we set out sights on Wimbledon. I do expect another Federer vs. Nadal final, but watch out for the upcoming Djokovic though.
Ed from North Providence

scott cordischi said...

Thanks Ed! It's great to hear from you. You were always a loyal listener and I admire your incredible loyalty to the sport of tennis. I think of you every time I see news on another settlement in the Station night club tragedy. I hope that you and your family are doing well.