Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Many apologies for not keeping up!

It has been a long time sice I updated the blog and I sincerely apologize! While it has been a busy time in my life for a variety of reasons, I still could have taken a few minutes to update my blog. Sorry!

Since I last blogged, nothing much has changed. I'm still doing the Saturday morning show on WPRO from 9-11:45am. I am also hosting a 1-hour Patriots show on AM 790 from 6-7pm on Monday nights as well and doing the Brown football and men's basketball games on AM 790.

As you all know, the economy is terrible right now and unemployment is higher here in RI than in any state across the country. Because of that, it is not an easy time to be looking to change professions.

As I have said before in previous blogs, I love talking sports for a living and would still consider doing it full-time if the opportunity presented itself locally. However, my family has put it's roots down here in RI and we would prefer to stay here which is one of the reasons I am looking for something outside of the radio biz. In addition, the lack of job security in the radio/TV/print business is another reason I am looking elsewhere.

Ideally, I could find a full-time job doing something that I like and still keep my hand in the broadcasting business on a part time basis. I have given alot of thought about getting into athletic administration and would LOVE to work for a university like Brown because of my relationship with the school, these jobs are somewhat scarce and I do lack the "experience" for them. I placed the word experience in quotations because I believe that alot of people can do alot of different things provided that they are smart, posess common sense and are willing to learn. I would like to think that I am all three. (I'm sure there's room for some wisecracks here)

Anyway, I have to run! I will try to remember to update this more frequently.

Thanks to all!



Fioravanti said...

Bring back the SCORE!


790 the Score was the best SPORTS RADIO SHOW on the AIR PERIOD!

scott cordischi said...

I'm with you fioravanti! I miss the Score and talking sports everyday with Rhode Islanders. As Bill Bellichick would say, "it is what it is!"